About MBS

Greetings, brothers and sisters in Christ,

We are pleased to welcome you to the wonderful world of Musical Bible Studies (MBS)! MBS is the new and exciting religious educational program that introduces to children the stories from the Bible, both the old and new testaments, in an accurate portrayal of the stories as they appear in the Bible. Children learn by actively singing, acting and dancing while in the roles of the characters as they appear in the Bible. We have created this program to depict what is written in the Bible, the words of the Holy Spirit, in a true and meaningful format.

The Christian community throughout the world is facing a crisis situation. The average age of those who believe in Jesus Christ and living according to God's commandments is steadily rising. Young people are not being introduced to Christian morals and a faith filled life as they should be. This is clearly due to several factors; the distractions afforded by our modern day lifestyle (games, computers, movies, etc.), the lack of good Christian adult examples in the home, the breakdown of the family, the absence of engaging programs in religious education, etc.

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we at MBS have taken it upon ourselves to create and implement a program that will open the way for young souls to become familiar with the wonderfully powerful stories in the Bible. Children learn the Christian principles that they need and learn how to adopt them into their own lives. These young souls learn through the actual characters in the stories what Christian values are. They then are able to take these principles and set a rock solid foundation with which to lead their lives.

At MBS we have been able to achieve this by developing 3 new theories for education: TBE theory, THE theory, SALT theory. All 3 theories place the main responsibility on those who create and develop the educational programs. 1.) TBE theory is the calculated approach that simultaneously activates many different parts of the brain in order to facilitate the learning process. 2.) THE theory is way of introducing the material so that the individual quotients or aptitudes (IQ, EQ, SQ, HQ, etc.) are collectively increased through the learning process. 3.) SALT theory is the scientific process of educating through the utilization of music as the primary teaching tool. The repetition of the songs allows the acquisition of the learned material to be delivered very effectively and powerfully, and to be recalled much more easily.

It is our responsibility as Christians to be messengers of God's word. We are called to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to others so that they, too, may experience the grace of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Our first and foremost duty is to bring our youth into the community of Christ. Each one of us, as a disciple of Jesus, are oblgated to help the next generation become true soldiers of Christ. It is with your dedication and faith that we at MBS accept this mission and, along with you, will assist the Holy Trinity; God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, to educate these young souls so that they may be shining beacons of Jesus' love for all the world to see!!

Eternally yours in Christ!
Minnie Park & James Hubbard
Creators and Founders of Musical Bible Studies

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